Monday, 9 July 2018

wanted list lol

I'm looking for a few books. Wondering if you guys have seen:
Rockman X5 vol. 2

and this yellow 4koma gag comic that I used to have that I can't remember.

That Rockman Dash 2 artbook

The stuff by 井上大助 Inoue Daisuke (LOL i am copy pasting)
  • Rockman: Mirai Wakusei Voldos Hen (ロックマン 未来惑星ボルドス編) (Comic BomBom 1993 Winter Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)
  • Rockman World 5 (Comic BomBom 1994 Summer Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)
  • Rockman X: Team X Shutsujin seyo!! (ロックマンX チームX出陣せよ!!) (Comic BomBom 1994 Winter Vacation Jumbo Special Edition)

That other Rockman Dash manga that I think is also chinese


  1. I don't have any of those, but I have two things that may interest you, send me an email.

  2. Replaced the last encyclopedia because the first copy had water damage, so I'll scan that this weekend. Also I'll be scanning the Tenkai Knights mangas even though they're not Rockman related (they're by Ryo Takamisaki)

  3. hey, I've the raw of Rockman X5 02

    where I can upload to you ?

    1. Just comment here with a link, maybe upload it to mediafire or megaupload.


      here it is

    3. Yeah! That's the only one I know of that someone scanned. I don't think anyone has the actual book anymore.

    4. Is it possible to translate Rockman X5 02 online?

    5. I haven't seen anyone who can translate from Chinese.

  4. np I really love if anyone can do a english translation of this (only the first one is translated)

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