Monday 18 July 2011

Rockman Megamix volume 1

Hello again,
Things are progressing slowly here at Tanjou, sadly... So here is at least something little - volume 1 of Rockman Megamix. Now, there is so many Megamixes, Remixes and Gigamixes, that it's starting to be confusing. So to make this hopefully more accurate, this is Rockman Megamix volume 1 published by Enterbrain, Bros. Comics, on February 6 2003 (Japan). The stories included are: The Birth of Rockman, R Destruction Order, Metal Heart. ^^'


Saturday 25 June 2011

Rockman Zero volume 1

Hello again,
Since we started with Rockman Zero manga - volume 2, here is volume 1, to make it complete.


Sunday 1 May 2011

Welcome to Tanjou Scanlations!

the scanning, translation and editing of comics from a foreign language into a different language.

Originally, Tanjou was a group dedicated to the scanlation of Rockman-related media, however we have decided it's best for us to branch out into other areas of interest.

Our former locale was overrun by viruses (although the forums have managed to stay alive!), but we're back with a new home here on Blogger. Tanjou will continue to thrive, and continue to deliver you content.

We hope to see you again!