Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Rockman Zero volume 3

Hello everyone,
Well look at that.. The 3rd (final) volume of the Rockman Zero manga has finally been finished. Here it is:


Unfortunately, this is the last manga I (we) ever do. We have other Rockman manga, but we don't have any translated and we don't have any translators. Until someone proficient in Japanese comes, this is it. Sorry!


  1. Don't forget to submit your manga scanlations to It'll help give you exposure. You should also upload your scanlations to Batoto.

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  3. You have the Raws of Mega Man MegaMix and Gigamx?

    1. Oh, sorry for the late reply.. All the raws we have are in the Manga Downloads post.
      Well..I do happen to have raws of Megamix and Gigamix. From someone else, not us.

  4. Actually I could do all that... all the raw stuff. And what I have in english. You know how long it takes to scan a book though? Definitely not the last manga we release. Just we have no resources when it comes to translators. Hoping that someone will take our scans, translate them and release them elsewhere. I guess we'll be a manga dump site.